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The Fourth Permanent Crew Will Arrive at the International, Space Station in the Early Hours of December 2

The fourth permanent crew will arrive at the International Space Station on December 2 at 01:44, Moscow time, reported the Russian Flight Control Centre. This crew will be brought to the ISS by the Endeavour shuttle whose start has been planned for November 30 at 03:44, Moscow time, from the Cape Canaveral, Florida. The new permanent expedition will be headed by Russian cosmonaut Yury Anufriyenko. Together with him two American astronauts, Daniel Bursch and Carl Walz, will go to the ISS. They will replace the third permanent crew working at the space station since August 11 consisting of two Russian cosmonauts - Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhail Tyurin, and American astronaut - Frank Culbertson. "This change will be completed on December 8 when the third permanent crew will enter into the shuttle Endeavour and undock from the ISS," specified the Flight Control Center. The crew of the shuttle will return to the Earth together with them. During the six days of the presence on the ISS the members of the shuttle crew will carry out two walks into space. The shuttle will bring to the ISS also the missing equipment to complete the fitting out of the station. This equipment will be brought in the Italian mini-container Rafaello. The old equipment from the station will be put in the same container to be returned to the Earth. The shuttle is planned to land in the USA on December 10 at 23:41, Moscow time.

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