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Northern Alliance against more foreign troops

Tension rises between Northern alliance and non-Afghan troops.

The Northern alliance has declared that it is unnecessary for more foreign troops to be sent to Afghanistan. Plans to send 6,000 British troops are put on hold.

Northern Alliance Foreign Minister, Younis Qanooni, declared on November 18th that “we do not expect more foreign soldiers. We do not see the need for this”.

The arrival of 100 British troops, the Royal Marines, on Thursday to assist in the assault on the air base at Bagram, was met with strong resistance by Northern alliance Defence Minister, General Mohammad Qasim Fahim, who declared that “they may have an agreement with the United Nations, but not with us”.

The Northern alliance accepts the presence of foreign Special Forces in programmes such as distribution of humanitarian aid, deactivation of minefields and security missions at foreign embassies.


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