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US Army Chief: America does not want to compete with Russia in South Caucasus

The US does not intend to compete with Russia in the South Caucasus region. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced at a briefing in Yerevan by Deputy Commander of the US Army in Europe General Charles Vold, who is currently on a visit to Armenia.

He said the US is seeking to cooperate and not compete with Russia. The US also has no plans to deploy troops at South Caucasus military bases. 'Our aim is to establish a friendly dialogue and not construct military bases,' General Vold stressed.

The general also said that after meeting Armenia's military leaders, he had come to the conclusion that Armenia could become an active US ally in the fight against international terrorism. He said it may be possible to create a united military force including South Caucasus countries, Russia and Turkey which would be aimed at fighting international terrorism.

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