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Moscow backs East Timor's intention to enter UN

In Moscow they welcome the proclamation of independence of East Timor and wish its people successes in building a stable foundation of national statehood, and a flourishing and democratic society, the information by the information and press department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.

As officials of the Russian foreign-policy agency pointed out, "we back the intention of East Timor to enter the United Nations and are ready to render necessary assistance in this".

In the Foreign Ministry they noted the fundamental importance of the fact that the United Nations Organisation played the key role in the gaining of independence by the inhabitants of East Timor. The UN mission in East Timor was a vivid example of a successful peace-keeping operation under the aegis of the world Organisation which made it possible, in cooperation with the regional structures and the donor countries, to resolve the East Timor crisis, to ensure a process of democratic development, and to lay the foundation of that territory's statehood.

It is perfectly clear that the building of a truly viable and stable state will require post-conflict UN presence in East Timor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia believes. Resolution 1,410 of the UN Security Council on a new phase of the UN operation in that country, adopted on May 17, is called upon to make a substantial contribution to the accomplishment of this task.

The forthcoming deployment of the UN mission of support in East Timor will be real help of the international community to the young independent state. It is important that the mandate of the mission is tightly linked with stage-by-stage accomplishment of the tasks of organising peaceful life after the fulfilment of which the UN presence will be reduced on a planned basis, the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia emphasized.

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