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Damaged Oil Well in Gulf of Mexico Still Leaking

The damaged oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is still leaking even after BP Plc increased the volume of crude it’s catching to 5,000 barrels a day, the same rate at which the company had said the oil was escaping.

A video feed from the seabed showed oil flowing into the sea where BP has joined a mile-long pipe to the leak. That means BP’s estimates for the size of the spill are likely to be wrong, BusinessWeek says.

Deep red oil coated miles of coastline along the southern tip of the Mississippi River delta, the harbinger of what many in Louisiana fear will be a much more devastating inundation.

In places, a thick oily sludge had washed up into coastal inlets where it nestled amid the marsh grass while elsewhere a rainbow sheen of oil floated off the coast suggesting more oil would soon wash onto the low-lying islands, Reuters reports.

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