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Moscow keeps holding consultations with Israel and Arab countries

Moscow keeps holding consultations with Israel, Arab countries, and the whole world community, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov told journalists, adding that he had been discussing the Mideastern situation yesterday, with US Secretary of State Colin Powell and with other counterparts of his.

Ivanov reminded the assembly that recent terrorist acts in the Mideast had forced US President George W.Bush to postpone the announcement of his proposals on Mideastern settlement. Earlier, it was assumed that Bush would suggest setting up a "transit Palestinian state." According to Ivanov, Mideastern settlement will be the highlight of the Group of Eight summit meeting in Kananaskis, Canada. The minister also said Russia's foreign ministry envoy to the Mideast Andrei Vdovin would travel to the region next week alongside three other observers. Should the G8 come up with a proposal, international observers will be on the standby to realize it, said Ivanov.

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