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Second, concluding round of APEC summit in Bangkok

The second, concluding round of the APEC summit has opened in Bangkok.

The participants in the summit are expected to focus on the questions of the fight against terrorism, as well as to continue the discussion of economic problems, which began the day before.

"A number of APEC countries already repeatedly stated their readiness to participate in the struggle against terrorism, especially because many APEC countries directly encounter this threat," a source in the Russian delegation stressed in a RIA Novosti interview. "At the same time they note that this involves massive expenditures".

According to the agency's source, in this connection the leaders will discuss Washington's initiative to set up a special fund which could be used for financing anti-terrorist activity of countries with insufficient funds.

Besides that, on Tuesday the leaders will discuss the problem of spreading the boons of globalisation onto the maximum number of countries, so that the present-day tendencies in the economy would benefit all of its participants.

A Declaration of the APEC leaders will be made public after the end of the meeting. As it is expected, the APEC countries' stand on the results of the WTO international conference in Kankun, held two months ago, will be formulated in the document.

According to the source's information, it will be noted in the document that after the Kankun talks which ended in a "tactical failure" it is necessary "not to lose heart but to think of ways to build a system of regulating world trade, being mindful of the Kankun results".

A substantial part of the document will be devoted to the questions of promoting liberalisation of trade and investments, as well as to the necessity to find a balance between global trade liberalisation and establishment of local and bilateral zones of free trade.

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