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Vilnius and Moscow to cooperate in elimination of catastrophes on oilfields in Baltic region

Russia and Lithuania are discussing the draft of the bilateral agreement on the mutual assistance in elimination of catastrophes on the explored oilfields in the Baltic Sea. This was disclosed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov following the Russo-Lithuanian talks on Tuesday.

According to him, the draft was proposed by the Lithuanian part, which is concerned with the possible damages, caused in the course of the exploration of oilfields.

"At present we are considering this document and, on the whole, think that it was the right idea. However, the document must be worked out properly," Kasynov said. Meanwhile, he reminded, that Russia and Lithuania have already reached an agreement on the environment protection.

Russia as well as Lithuania is interested in the ecological security in the Baltic Sea basin, Kasyanov stressed. This region is full with industrial objects and potential sources for the environmental pollution, he said. "We can assure our citizens, that our countries are not polluting the Baltic Sea, but on the contrary, are striving to make it cleaner," the Premier noted.

The draft of the agreement is not connected with the fulfilment of the D-6 project on the Kurshskaya spit, conducted by LUKOIL company. "We have already given all the necessary information on the observance of ecological standards and requirements of this project," Kasyanov said.

According to the Russian Premier, at present Russian companies function in accordance with the highest ecological standards, using the best in the world technologies and the Baltic Sea basin is not an exception.

Lithuanian Premier Algirdas Brazauskas said in his turn, that in the course of the talks with LUKOIL the agreement was reached on the preparation of the plan concerning the elimination of the possible catastrophes before the object D-6 is put into operation.

The European Union gave a positive confirmation on the project D-6, he added.

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