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UN Office In Islamabad Announces Resumption Of Flights To Kabul

The UN office in Islamabad has reported the resumption of flights to Kabul. The spokesperson of the UN Office for Cooperation on Humanitarian Assistance, Stephanie Bunker, told journalists that the Northern Alliance leaders had authorized air flights after Kabul negotiations between the Deputy Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General and the Afghan Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdullo. The first flight to Kabul will carry officials of the United Nations and international charitable organisations, as well as journalists and foreign diplomats. At first, air jets will perform two flights a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to the former air base of Bagram 40 kilometres to the north of Kabul. According to UN officials, only $279 million, or 42 percent of $664 million asked from donor countries, have been allocated for emergency relief aid to Afghanistan.

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