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Another life sentence for Eric Rudolph, Atlanta bomber

US Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph is due to be sentenced for an attack on the 1996 Atlanta Games which killed one person and injured 111.

Rudolph, 38, has already been sentenced to life in prison for an attack on an abortion centre in Alabama and has admitted attacking a gay nightclub, BBC says.

Rudolph is expected to receive life terms for the Olympic bomb and two other attacks in Atlanta.

He spent five years on the run but was captured in North Carolina in 2003.

A former soldier with extreme views on abortion and homosexuality, Rudolph has said he staged his attacks because of his anger at the US federal government.

Many of the victims of the Olympic bombing have chosen not to attend the sentencing hearing.

As reported earlier Monday, Eric Rudolph, who detonated bombs in Olympic park, at a women's clinic in Birmingham and a gay nightclub, got life imprisonment Monday. The bombings took 1 life and injured more than 100.

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