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European Commission suggests tight air security rules

The European Commission proposed tighter air security rules Thursday after finding shortcomings in the regulations introduced after the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States.

The proposals, which need approval from the EU's 25 member states, would set common standards for handling cargo and in-flight security, and allow EU inspectors to check those standards are applied.

The proposals are part of 12 anti-terror measures being fast-tracked for approval by EU governments after the London bombings in July.

The commission will not release full details of the requirements to avoid informing potential terrorists about protective measures, EU spokesman Stefaan De Rynck said according to the AP.

"The protection of aviation against terrorist attacks has considerably improved since the 2001 attacks," European Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot said in a statement. "Nonetheless, the new regulation will enable us to be more effective and react faster to a threat which is constantly changing."

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