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Urgent Matters Of International Relations Were Discussed By Deputy Foreign Minister Of Russia And Chinese Ambassador

Russian deputy Foreign minister Georgy Mamedov discussed urgent matters of international relations, first of all in the disarmament area, with Zhang Deguang, Chinese ambassador in Moscow. According to the information provided on Thursday by the department of information and press of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Georgy Mamedov "in the spirit of strategic partnership between Russia and China" informed Zhang Deguang of the results of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the United States. The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that a positive assessment was given to the adherence of Russia and the USA to the process of implementation of significant reductions of strategic offensive armaments reaffirmed in the course of the Russian-American summit meeting. In addition to that, according to Foreign Ministry representatives, the interlocutors were united in their opinion that the 1972 ABM Treaty had remained an important element of the global strategic stability.

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