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NATO Secretary General Spoke About The Readiness To Discuss A Whole Number Of Themes With Russia On Equal Terms

NATO Secretary General George Robertson spoke of the readiness of this Alliance of nineteen countries to resolve some or other problems with Russia on equal terms. Having arrived in Moscow on Thursday, George Robertson said that NATO was ready to discuss a whole number of themes with Russia in the format of twenty countries. According to Robertson, at the present time the relations between Moscow and the Alliance are sufficiently mature and there is a political will for rapprochement. However, if these relations actually develop in the format of twenty countries, and not nineteen plus one, then the sides should develop a real cooperation, not only rhetoric. The present international anti-terrorist coalition grants such an opportunity and it would be foolish to miss it, Robertson believes. Speaking about spacific spheres, in which questions could be resolved in the format of twenty countries, George Robertson said that a priority sphere in such cooperation is apparently the fight against international terrorism. However, there are also other spheres - such as the efforts aimed against proliferation of mass destruction weapons which poses a threat to all the countries, and they have to find common solutions.

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