Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Egyptian Ambassador to Russia discuss Iraqi issue

The main thing to be taken into account while settling the Iraqi issue is that international inspectors in Iraq "must be objective and unbiased. Baghdad must be open to cooperation with international inspectors as far as disarmament issues are concerned." The information and press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti that this had been confirmed at a meeting between Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov and Egyptian Ambassador to Russia Raouf Saad.

Both diplomats pointed out that "UN Security Council resolution 1441 made it possible to draw off a military strike on Iraq and preserve the way to find political and diplomatic settlement of the Iraqi issue," the Russian Foreign Minister stressed.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and the Egyptian Ambassador believe that the international community and first of all the Four of international mediators on the Middle East issue should continue their efforts to the Mideast problem.