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The First Congress of the Peoples of Russia and Belarus to Be Held in Moscow

Today, the Left parties of Russia and Belarus are holding the first congress of the peoples of the two countries. In the organizers' design, its main aim is to speed up the creation of a Union State of Russia and Belarus and involve the citizens of the two countries in the practical implementation of the treaty on such a state, signed in 1999.

The process of implementing the treaty on the unification of the two states is proceeding slowly because "the broad masses of the population of Belarus and Russia are not involved" in it, RIA Novosti was told in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In the organizers' opinion, the congress could bring about "positive changes in the obtaining situation".

A total of 730 delegates from Russia and 180 from Belarus, representing about 40 political parties, public organizations and trade unions of the two countries are expected to take part in the congress. The leader of the Russian communists, Gennady Zyuganov, and the leader of the patriotic forces of Belarus, Vladimir Zakharchenko, will make reports at the congress. By the results of the work of the congress, it is planned to adopt an address to the presidents of both countries.

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