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Chief of Palestinian security service demanded that Hamas and "Islamic Jihad" stop terrorist acts

The head of the Palestinian security service Muhammad Dahlan demanded that "Islamic Jihad" and "HAMAS" organizations should "stop their terrorist activities against Israel." This statement was made by the Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres, according to a RIA Novosti correspondent.

Dahlan's statement is "a direct result of the Israel Defence Army's military operation in Ramallah in the district of the Palestinian National Administration leader Yasser Arafat's residence.

On Monday FATH /Arafat's organization/ announced that it would organize a general strike on the territory of the autonomy "as a sign of protest against the continuing blockade of 'Mukata'." The action is aimed at closing all public and commercial organizations on the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip and in Eastern Jerusalem. Besides, by the midday all educational institutions on the West Bank will have closed to allow the students to participate in the actions of protest.

During the Israeli Defence Army's operation a total of 24 Palestinians were arrested early on Monday on the West Bank.

The Israeli military men have been instructed to "take a reserved position in the towns on the West Bank despite the fact that curfew continues." Five people have been killed and around thirty wounded in the Palestinian towns, where actions of protest against "Mukata" blockade are being held.

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