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Anti-terrorist fighting is main issue of talks between Russian Foreign Minister and his Indonesian counterpart

The main issue of the talks between Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and his Indonesian counterpart Hassan Wirajuda will be anti-terrorist fighting. This was disclosed by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko in connection with the forthcoming visit of Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda to Moscow.

According to Alexander Yakovenko, issues concerning strengthening of the peace, international and regional security and disarmament will be on the agenda of the talks. "Special attention will be paid to non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons, settlement of the Middle East conflict, the Afghan issue and the Iraqi issue, conflicts in other hot spots of the world and reforming the UN Security Council," said Mr. Yakovenko.

According to Mr. Yakovenko, "of priority at the talks will be situation in the Asia Pacific Region and issues concerning closer cooperation of Russia with ASEAN".

He also stressed that issues concerning cooperation between Russia and Indonesia in APEC would be discussed as well.

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