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Philippine TV regulators held up reality show "Big Brother" for showing kisses and bikini

Philippine movie and television regulators have suspended for one week the popular reality TV show "Pinoy Big Brother", "Pinoy," meaning "Filipino", for showing women in skimpy attire, contestants kissing and other intimate encounters.

In a letter to producer ABS-CBN television, Movie Television Review and Classification Board chairwoman Maria Consoliza Laguardia said that despite previous verbal warnings, this week's episode contained scenes unsuitable for young viewers, according to the AP.

She said the board concluded "kissing scene between housemates Chx and Sam, gyrating dances in skimpy bikini, double entendre dialogue and use of skimpy bikini, to be beyond the parental guidance classification and not suitable for television viewing."

The order, posted on the show's Web site, said the explanations given by ABS-CBN to justify the airing of the scenes were insufficient. As a result, the episode scheduled for Sunday will not be allowed to air.

ABS-CBN said it will comply but insisted it operated within the parameters agreed upon with the board.

"We understand that `Pinoy Big Brother' represents a new, unprecedented expression of Filipino reality, a microcosm of human behavior that opens valuable studies and insights into social interaction, relationships and discipline," ABS-CBN said.

"Big Brother," created in the Netherlands in 1999 and then marketed in dozens of countries, features a group of contestants confined in a house for 100 days under constant camera surveillance.

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