Source Pravda.Ru

Holland is interested in new Russian gas-line

Following the Russo-Netherlands Economic forum, Amsterdam hosted talks between the co-chairmen of the mixed Russo-Netherlands commission on the economic co-operation. The Russian side was represented by Vice Premier Aleksey Gordeyev and the Dutch side - by Economy Minister Laurens Brinkhorst.

According to a source in the Russian delegation, the participants discussed the agenda of the 5th session of the mixed Russo-Netherlands Сomission on Economic Cooperation to be held in December.

The Dutch company Gasunie, which is a partner of the Russian Gazprom speaks out for the fulfilment of the project, concerning the construction of the new Russia-Europe gas-line across the Baltic Sea, Germany, the Netherlands and further to Great Britain. According to a source in Gasunie, the Dutch parastatal company is ready to assist Gazprom in financing and construction of the new gas-line, as well as in reconstructing of the Gazprom pipeline system in Europe.

The construction of the new pipeline, worth of $6 bln will be launched in 2004-2005 and will last for 6 years. The new gas-line is planned to be put into operation in 2007 and by 2009 it will be delivering approximately 30 bln cubic metres of gas per year.