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Members of Sudan's new Cabinet

Members of Sudan's southern Cabinet formed Sunday by Salva Kiir Mayardit, president of the southern Sudanese government. Two ministers will be named later:

Housing, Land and Public Utility: Rick Machar

Cabinet Affairs: Justin Yaac Arop

Police and Security: Daniel Awet Akot

Finance and Economic Planning: Arthur Akuien Chol

Regional cooperation: Nhial Deng Nhial

Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development: Justice Michael Makuel Lueth

Education, Science and technology: Michael Milli Hussein

Health: Theophilus Ochang Lotti

Industry and Mining: Albino Akol Akol

Commerce, Trade and Supply: Anthony Lino Makana

Information, Radio and Television: Samson Kwaje

Telecommunications and Postal Services: Fier Cuang Luong

Transport and Roads: Rebeccah N. De Mabior

Environment and Wildlife Conservation: James Loro Siricio

Agriculture and Forestry: Martin Elia Lomuro

Animal Resources and Fisheries: Festo Kumbo

Labor, Public Services and Human Resources Development: David Deng Athorbei

Culture, Youth and Sports: John Luk Jok

Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs: Mary Kiden

Water Resources and Irrigation: Joseph Dair Joakok, AP reports.

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