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North, South Koreas agree to celebrate 57th anniversary of national liberation on August 15th together

North and South Koreas have agreed to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the liberation from the Japanese colonial domination on August 15th together. A North Korean delegation will fly to Seoul to participate in the four-day celebrations, said a representative of the South Korean non-governmental delegation, which arrived from Pyongyang, where the sides achieved an agreement on the joint celebration of the liberation day. Active members of the North and South Korean public and religious movements formed a joint staff on preparations for the celebrations.

In August 1945 the Soviet Army liberated Korea from the Japanese domination. However, the northern part of the Korean Peninsula was controlled by the USSR, while the southern part was occupied by US troops.

In 1948 two hostile Korean states were formed - the socialist Korean People's Democratic Republic and the capitalist Republic of Korea. The armed conflict in 1950-1953 in Korea ended in the signing of an armistice and still the North and the South don't officially acknowledge each other's legitimacy.