Source Pravda.Ru

Head of European Commission delegation in Moscow: solution of Kaliningrad problem to be found in the framework of EU legislation

The European Commission must look for a flexible and effective solution to the problem of the Kaliningrad (Russia's enclave in the Baltic) citizens' transit to the rest of Russia, said the head of the European Commission delegation in Moscow Richard Wright at a Moscow press conference on Wednesday.

This solution must be found in the framework of the EU legislation and coordinated with the countries willing to join the EU, he believes.

The European Commission has not promoted any concrete and final proposals to settle the problem, Wright stressed. He also pointed that "if Russia made such a proposal we would closely consider it".

The head of delegation of the European Commission in Moscow says that the main objective of the European Commission is to minimize the difficulties for people's crossing the border. "We have a long-term interest in simplifying the border transit," Wright pointed. He also said that the current mutual entrance-exit rules "were not eternal and could be changed".