Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow to support Russian-language press in CIS, Baltic states

The support for Russian media in the CIS and Baltic states should be one of priority trends of information work of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The participants in the meeting on informational support for Russian foreign and domestic policy abroad came to this conclusion, the press and information department of the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. Moscow is concerned about the support for Russian media abroad. The support for Russian media, as well as assistance to our compatriots abroad, is insufficient, the participants in the meeting said.

Meanwhile, they pointed out that Russian representatives abroad are facing new problems in connection with changes in the international situation, the boosting of world's developments and foreign policy. "The ability to influence public opinion abroad tells on the objective perception of Russia in the world," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, the epoch of globalisation and rapid development of information technologies require more active use of modern forms and methods of information work. However, traditional forms of work, such as Russian representatives' addresses before foreign audience, interviews with foreign and Russian media, exhibitions, meetings between scientists, cultural and public figures, are also very important.