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BBC Russian removes report on Boeing crash from website

24.07.2014 | Source:


BBC Russian removes report on Boeing crash from website. 53242.jpeg
AP photo

Journalists of BBC Russian conducted their own investigation, in which they analyzed different versions of the crash of the Malaysian Boing near Donetsk. The journalists went to the site of the crash, interviewed witnesses, who saw the Boeing during its flight and crash, asked questions to militias and Ukrainian military men, who were staying close to the site of the disaster.

As a result of the investigation, the journalists came to conclusion that it was impossible to either confirm or deny any of the versions of the crash. However, local residents told the journalists that they saw a Ukrainian Su-25 flying near the passenger jetliner. They also saw the Boeing turning in the direction of Russia.

Following the investigation, the adequate report was removed from the website of the BBC, but it is still available on YouTube, for the time being.


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