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Hugo Chavez recovers slowly but surely

The health of Venezuelan president improves every day, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said with reference to Chilii Flores, who recently returned from Havana, where the head of state received treatment.

According to the politician, Chavez "gets stronger every day" and successfully fights the disease. Currently, Chavez rests after surgery, during which a few unexpected bleedings happened.

Earlier, the inauguration of Hugo Chavez was postponed. Originally, the ceremony was supposed to take place on January 10th. This is connected with a long recovery period that the leader will need after he received the fourth surgery to remove a malignant tumor.

After changing the date of the ceremony, Venezuelan opposition spoke of convening the National Assembly, the Chairman of which is to take over as president and call for new elections of the leader of the country. However, the chairman of the Parliament, Diosdado Cabello, assured citizens that it would not happen, as Hugo Chavez continued to recover.

Under the Venezuelan Constitution, which was approved in 1999, if the president is unable to accept the president's powers in time for serious reasons (death, disability), the National Assembly gathers for a meeting to appoint the date of new presidential election.



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