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Visit of Russian naval frontier Guard to North Korea

Russian Coast Guard vessels "Sokol" and "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk" set on their friendly visit to the Republic of Korea. The visit upon the invitation of the Korean National Agency of the Sea Police will last from June 25th till 28th, the Russian Pacific Department of the Federal Coast Guard press-service reported.

The program of the Russian Coast Guard servicemen envisages professional meetings, devoted to the issues of joint suppression of poaching and smuggling, introduction to the history of the country and sightseeing, sports tournaments with the Korean colleagues.

The visit of the Russian Coast Guard vessels to the Republic of Korea is the return visit. The vessels of the Korean National Agency of the Sea Police in 2001 paid a friendly visit to Vladivostok (the administrative centre of the Primorye Region on the west bank of the Sea of Japan, in close vicinity to the Korean Peninsula).

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