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Americans to scare terrorists away with pork bullets

25.06.2013 | Source:


Americans to scare terrorists away with pork bullets. 50428.jpeg

The Americans decided to frighten terrorists with pork bullets. The creators of bizarre weapons decided that extremists would retreat under the attack of  bullets filled with blood of the dirty animal. Extravagant gunsmiths from Idaho believe that Islamists will simply stop fighting.

One of the developers noticed a curious thing. Having examined the places, where terrorist attacks occurred, he did not find one single village , where pigs lived. The towns and villages, where these animals were found in abundance, remained intact. Rumor has it that during the extermination of Al-Qaida's leader Osama bin Laden, there were bullets used greased with pork fat.

For the time being, the U.S. military have not confirmed the use of such blasphemous weapons. It also seems interesting how American Muslim soldiers may react to this information. 



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