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Saudi Emissary To Discuss Situation In Afghanistan With Pakistani Leadership

Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Saud Al-Faisal is to arrive in Islamabad Thursday to discuss the situation in and around Afghanistan. The negotiations will focus on the political future of Afghanistan, on forming a post-Taliban government and on US military actions. Prince Saud will also inform the Pakistani side on the opinion of the EU leaders (with whom he negotiated earlier) on these problems. The visit of EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana to the kingdom has been postponed in connection with the Saudi Minister's trip to Pakistan.

My article The True Judas discussed the theory that Judas's actions in betraying Jesus were motivated by a misunderstanding of Christ's mission and purpose.

America's judases, part two: Gladys Knight

Reporting that an SAS operative stormed a Kenyan hotel "single-handedly" is not only a lie, it is also highly disrespectful to the Kenyan authorities.

The scandal of skewed reporting

Near the United Nations Glass Palace in New York, there is a metallic sculpture entitled "Evil Defeated by Good", representing Saint George transfixing a dragon with his lance. It was donated by the USSR in 1990 to celebrate the INF Treaty concluded with the USA in 1987

The EU votes for the installation of new US missiles in Europe