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FBI director promises support for Trinidad's fight against crime

FBI Director Robert Mueller on Tuesday pledged continued assistance for Trinidad's fight against violent crime, but urged citizens to cooperate with police.

Mueller said the U.S. law enforcement agency had a long relationship with the twin-island Caribbean nation and promised to continue providing training and expertise to its police force.

Mueller said FBI specialists will assist in the investigation of four unsolved bombings that injured 28 people in the capital between July and October. But a specific timetable for the agents' arrival was not given.

Mueller said the FBI also plans to expand a permanent office that opened in Trinidad two months ago. The FBI chief said he had no reason to believe there were terrorist cells in Trinidad or Tobago, but said there are "persons of interest" living in the Caribbean nation. He declined further comment.

Mueller's visit came after Trinidad's Prime Minister Patrick Manning asked the U.S. for help in fighting a spike in murders and kidnappings.

On Saturday, 15,000 Trinidadians marched through the capital to protest the worst crime wave on record. Since Jan. 1, 309 people have been murdered, compared to 260 in 2004.

Police have reported nearly 60 kidnappings in the nation of 1.3 million, about double last year's figure and surpassing 2003 record of 51, AP reports.

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