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Russian Education Exhibition In Lima A Success

On Saturday, the first Russian education exhibition ended in Lima, the capital of Peru. The exhibition, which was to inform the Peruvians of opportunities to receive tuition-based higher education in Russia, was a success. The exhibition was organised by the Russian Embassy in Lima and Peruvian-Russian Organisation for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation among others. Representatives from six Russian higher educational establishments participated in the exhibition. They were: the Russian University of People's Friendship; Moscow University of Economics, Statistics, and Information Technology; Moscow Technical University or MAMI; Saint-Petersburg State Railways University; Saint-Petersburg Academy of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals; and Novgorod Yaroslav Mudry University. Young Peruvians, who came to the exhibition to learn about opportunities to study in Russia, formed long lines at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Lima, which hosted the event. Such professions as doctor, psychologist, engineer, construction worker, expert in agriculture, and architect were among the most popular with the young Peruvians. During the last day of the exhibit, several Russian universities signed agreements with Peru's National San Martin University. Such agreements facilitate the development of connections among universities and create opportunities for exchange of faculty to deliver lecture series and do research.

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