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Trial In Vladivostok On Lawsuit Launched By Lawyer Of South-Korean Poachers

An open trial on the fact of the detention of the South-Korean poacher schooner Kawa Duk Ho-1 in the Russian sea waters on October 7 began at the court of the Maritime Territory (a region on the Sea of Japan coast) in Vladivostok. The case was appointed for hearing on the basis of the lawsuit filed by Russian lawyer Yevgeny Yanchuk who defends captain of the South-Korean schooner Jie Hong Kye. Yanchuk disagrees with the decision of the Nakhodka city court to confiscate the poacher schooner. A different stand has been taken by the command of the Pacific regional administration of the Federal Frontier Service (TORU FPS) on whose lawsuit the trial in Nakhodka was held. As RIA Novosti was told in the TORU FPS press centre, the South-Korean crew, having illegally entered the sea waters of Russia, behaved defiantly during the detention. The South-Korean fishermen offered physical resistance to the border guards, meeting the inspecting group with large fish-cutting knives. During the taming of the South-Korean poachers several Russian marine border guards were lightly wounded and injured.

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