Source Pravda.Ru

Russian-Chinese summit brings no serious results

The seventh meeting between the Russian and Chinese Prime Ministers seemedto be the continuation of a good tradition started several years ago. Themeeting brought no serious results, so no break-through in relationsbetween the two countries should be expected in the near future. The PrimeMinisters have only agreed that Chinese currency will be circulating insome part of Russia. In addition, the volume of Chinese exports to Russiamay rise significantly. During his visit to Shanghai and Beijing, RussianPrime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov noted that Russia lacked Chinese goods ofhigh quality, in particular, clothes, footwear and other consumer goods.Regarding other issues of collaboration between the two countries, thetalks between the Prime Ministers was a mere formality. According toKasyanov, this tradition on meetings between the Russian and Chinese PMswill continue next year, when a Chinese delegation will pay a visit toRussia.At the same time, experts admitted that Russia and China managed to solvesome principle problems. Several months ago, the Russian government anddomestic metal companies were deeply agitated about China's plans tointroduce antidumping measures against Russia's steel exports. Russianauthorities were sending numerous delegations to China, trying to smooththe negative effect of these plans. However, it turned out that there wasnothing to worry about. According to Kasyanov, China will take no measuresto reduce steel imports from Russia, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported..