Source Pravda.Ru

Russia to inform World Summit on Sustainable Development about preservation of bio diversity

A delegation of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources will inform the World Summit on Sustainable Development about Russia's actions aimed at preserving bio diversity. According to THE Ministry's press service, its representatives will tell the summit about the measures being taken within the framework of the project of the Global Ecological Foundation - Preservation of Biological Diversity in the Russian Federation.

From 1997 to 2002, under this project, Russia worked out the National Strategy and the National Plan of Action for the preservation of bio diversity and prepared the first National Report of the Russian Federation - The Preservation of Biological Diversity in Russia. This report reflects the state and progress of this type of activity, the results of the work and the assessment of Russia's potential in this sphere.

Over the past five years, the authorities concerned have rendered support to 75 nature reserves and national parks, carried out 750 projects to protect endangered species, create new protected nature territories and perfecting regional nature protection legislation.

They also analysed the system of financing the measures for protecting nature in Russia in the period of 1991-2001, created the data base of the international nature protection projects which were put into practice in Russia over the past decade.