Source Pravda.Ru

London suspect objects to extradition to Britain

A suspect in the failed July 21 London bombings who was arrested in Rome appealed an Italian court's extradition ruling Friday, his lawyer said.

Hamdi Issac was ordered extradited to Britain by a Rome court earlier this month. Lawyer Antonietta Sonnessa said the appeal was filed with the Court of Cassation, Italy's highest court.

The lawyer said the appeal is based on what she said was a lack of proper documentation by the British authorities and a fear of "an atmosphere of heightened tension" in Britain following the failed attacks and the deadly suicide bombings on July 7 that killed 52 and the four bombers.

Under Italian law, the Court of Cassation has to make its ruling within 15 days.

Issac, a British citizen also known as Osman Hussain, was arrested on an international arrest warrant in the Italian capital on July 29. Sonnessa said Issac wants to remain in Italy.

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