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Two more NATO ships to arrive in Black Sea waters

26.08.2014 | Source:


Two other NATO ships to arrive in Black Sea waters. 53432.jpeg

Two NATO ships will arrive in the Black Sea on September 3: destroyer Ross of the US Navy and Commandant Birot of the French Navy.

The American destroyer and the French frigate will enter the Black Sea on September 3, RIA Novosti said Tuesday with reference to a military and diplomatic source.

For the time being, there is one NATO vessel staying in the waters of the Black Sea - French Navy intelligence ship Dupuy de Lome. The American cruiser Vella Gulf has recently left the waters of the Black Sea; the vessel had been staying in the sea since August 7.

As soon as the ships arrive in the Black Sea, the French Navy intelligence ship Dupuy de Lome will set off for a voyage home. This will happen on September 5.

According to the source, maintaining the rotational presence of NATO ships does not promote stability in the Black Sea region.

Warships of non-Black Sea countries are eligible to stay in the Black Sea for not more than 21 days, in accordance with the Montreux Convention. Therefore, NATO  regularly rotates its warships in the sea. The presence of the United States Navy in the Black Sea was enhanced after Russia reunited with the Crimea.

By July 2014, nine NATO warships were present in the Black Sea: the Vella Gulf of the US Navy, French frigate Surcouf, Greek corvette Mahitis, two reconnaissance ships of France and and the Elettra of the Italian Navy.

In April, a Russian Su-24 fighter jet frightened the marines of the USS Donald Cook that was then staying in the waters of the Black Sea. Although the plane just circled the ship several times, Pentagon officials claimed that "Russia's actions were contrary to international protocols and accepted agreements regulating the interaction of the armed forces of the two countries. The crew of the USS sought psychological help afterwards, only from the sight of a Russian fighter jet.


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