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Americans Coordinate Their Actions In Afghanistan With Northern Alliance

American military specialists are coordinating their actions in Afghanistan with the military command of the Northern Alliance in view of a forthcoming offensive on the Taliban forces in the Takhar province (northeast Afghanistan). On Thursday, the U.S. military, together with the Defence Minister of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, General Fahim, visited firing positions of government troops near the Ai-Khanum mountain which is attached great importance in connection with the planned offensive. It is not ruled out that during the inspection consultations were held on the format of the future operation. According to RIA Novosti's information, this was the first time such negotiations were held. Meanwhile, all roads leading to Ai-Khanum, which is close to a ferry on the Afghan-Tajik border, have been blocked since Friday morning. In the area, as well as near the Qala-Kata mountain eight kilometres away, which remains under Taliban control, one can hear the sound of cannonade.

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