Source Pravda.Ru

American Aviation Delivered New Air Strikes On Afghanistan

In the late hours of Thursday, US aviation delivered missile and bomb strikes on Kabul, Qandahar and Khost (a town in the Paktia province bordering on Pakistan). Bombing raids were also made on the targets located east and south-east of Qandahar. Reportedly, the night air raids on Kabul resulted in six powerful explosions. Casualties and damage have not been reported yet. According to the Al-Jazeera TV-station, first US air strikes hit the south-eastern Afghan town of Khost. Allied aviation was also bombing underground Taliban shelters located in the vicinity of Ghurtangi, the Paktia province. According to Taliban Information Minister Abdulkhan Hamad, during the Thursday bombing raid on Qandahar allied aviation hit a refugee bus killing approximately 40-50 people. Another bomb destroyed the city's bus station. The Minister also stated that the other day a bomb had destroyed the mosque in the village of Ishaq Sulaiman near the town of Herat. Eight civilians died and twenty were wounded in the explosion.

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