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Oil & Gas of Northern Shelf International Exhibition, Conference Opens in Norway

27.08.2002 | Source:



Today, in Stavanger, Norway, the 15th Oil and Gas of the Northern Shelf exhibition and conference opens. According to the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, professionals from such St. Petersburg research institutions as VNIIokeanologia, VNIGRI, and Sevmorgeologia and representatives from LUKoil, YUKOS, and Gazprom oil and gas companies of Russia will participate. The Russian delegation is headed by Pyotr Sadovnik, a Deputy Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

Analysts believe Russia's participation in the event will result in establishing mutually advantageous connections with foreign investors. The Russian delegation plans to have talks with the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Oil and Energy and sign the Programme for Cooperation within Russian-Norwegian Dialogue on Natural Resources and Environment Protection.

The Oil and Gas of the Northern Shelf bi-annual exhibition is among the largest international events pertaining to prospecting for and extraction of hydrocarbons. Normally, while it continues, economic and technical issues are discussed at the highest levels. Russia has been participating in it since 1998.

This year's attendance is expected to reach 30,000, visitors coming from all over the world. The area of the exhibition amounts to 19,000 square metres. The event will continue through August 30.


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