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Putin gives Hugo Chavez a black puppy

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his Venezuelan counterpart a puppy. Hugo Chavez received the gift from the head of Rosneft oil company, Igor Sechin. The Venezuelan president liked the present a lot. He has not chosen the name for the puppy yet.

The gift from Russia was a three-month-old Black Russian Terrier puppy. Dog experts call this breed "Stalin's dog." The breed was developed during the Soviet era by crossing Giant Schnauzers, Airedales, Rottweilers and Newfoundlands, RBC reports.

This service and watch dog is special for its physical strength. The character of the dog depends entirely on the education that the animal receives, Asian Reporter said. Someone grows such dogs as fierce guards, other owners can make them gentle and harmless animals that will never bark even at strangers.

It is worthy of note that Putin has recently received a living gift too. The Russian president received an Akita Inu puppy From Japan. These dogs are renowned for their remarkable devotion to masters, NTV said. The Russian president also owns Labrador Koni and a puppy of Karakachan Bulgarian Shepherd, Buffy.



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