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Deck Erection Of Khan Asparukh On Fire

Deck erection of the Bulgarian Khan Asparukh tanker located in the vicinity of the Russian port of Novorossisk, is on fire, the press service of the North Caucasian Regional Department of the Russian Federal frontier Service reported. The fire is being extinguished. The press service also stated that the Bulgarian tanker is carrying more than 79,000 tons of oil. No oil discharging has been registered yet. A pilot boat has taken and delivered to the shore 5 crewmen with burns and wounds. They are being treated in a hospital in Novorossisk. Six vessels of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Kuban patrol ship are currently located near the tanker. Reportedly, the Bulgarian Khan Asparukh tanker loaded with raw oil, left Novorossisk in the early hours of Saturday. It headed to the open sea on the course to a Greek port. At about 6:00 a. m. the vessel started burning. Later on, the fire was localized.

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