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Brazil to build high-speed rail linking Rio and Sao Paulo

Building of a US$9 billion (6.7 billion EUR) high-speed rail linking Brazil's two biggest cities could start as early as next year.

Brazil's government may hold a tender in August for the construction of the 403-kilometer (250-mile) rail link between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the ministry said in a statement.

Brazilian, South Korean, French and Italian companies have shown interest in building the rail link, the ministry said. French train maker Alstom made a preliminary proposal to build the link, according to a report by the Agencia Estado news service in April.

The high-speed link is expected to be built in seven years.

A bullet-train link between Rio and Sao Paulo has been discussed for decades, but never reached an advanced planning stage. The two cities have a combined population of almost 30 million people.

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