Source Pravda.Ru

USA did not appeal to Kirghizia to extend American airbase term of staying

Nikolai Tanayev, Kirghizia Prime Minister, has refuted the media communications that the US military command appealed to Republic's leadership asking to extend for three more years the term of anti-terrorist coalition airbase staying on its territory.

"The USA leadership never addressed us with this kind of request in either written or oral form", Kirghizian Premier declared in his Thursday interview to the "Argumenty i Fakty Kyrgyzstana" newspaper.

Tanayev made it clear that "it is the anti-terrorist coalition called "Endurable Freedom", that is temporarily based on the Republic's territory, not NATO airbase, as is often incorrectly mentioned in the press.

"Not only Nato's countries are part of the military contingent of anti-terrorist coalition, but other states, South Korea, for example', said Prime Minister of Kirghizia.

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