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Positive changes in cooperation between Russia and Finland noted by two countries

The heads of government of Russia and Finland have pointed to positive changes in cooperation between the two countries.

Russia's Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, visiting Finland, told journalists on Saturday that joint efforts of Russia and Finland "are based on a natural desire to cooperate and work together." He stated that warm relations had taken shape recently between the two countries, when the sides complement each other's economies.

Kasyanov also emphasised that Russia and Finland sought stability "which is the main feature of the Russian and Finnish peoples." Once this stability is achieved, the premier said, "we will move more confidently towards developing social and economic cooperation." Finland's Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, speaking of bilateral cooperation, in his turn noted that "our countries do not engage in rhetoric, but pursue a concrete economic policy." And, he added, "relations between the two countries have indeed become better and warmer." On Saturday, Kasyanov completes his visit to Finland and returns to Moscow.

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