Source Pravda.Ru

Police investigate complaint against Tony Blair

North Wales police said Wednesday they are examining a complaint against Prime Minister Tony Blair for allegedly slurring the Welsh.

Police declined to say who filed the complaint.

It stems from the memoirs of Lance Price, a former press aide to Blair, who claimed that the prime minister - disappointed in the results of the 1999 Welsh Assembly elections, used a swear word to describe the Welsh.

In the book, reportedly amended under pressure from Blair's office, Price said instead: "TB f-ing and blinding about the whole thing."

Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, last week filed a complaint with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, an ethical watchdog. A Welsh community group, Cymuned, also made a complaint to London's Metropolitan Police.

According to North Wales police it was seeking the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service about what law might have been violated, and the prospects for a successful prosecution, the AP reports.

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