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Gangsters: Ukrainian immigrant commits suicide in Portugal

The incident took place in a police station in the city of Oporto, northern Portugal, after the 50-year-old immigrant had tried to draw attention to himself by barricading himself in an apartment block and threatening the residents.

The police were called and during the ensuing fight, the man was injured, so he was taken first to hospital, where he was treated and later to the police station, where he hanged himself.

During the incident, he had declared that he was a victim of persecution by Ukrainian Mafia gangsters operating in the area, and that he had been beaten numerous times, claiming that he feared for his life.

These evil groups which prey on their own people, more defenceless because they are abroad, often use threats against the victim’s family at home if he does not pay part of his salary every month.

The Portuguese legislation has been changed to protect immigrants. Anyone who registered before December 1st, 2001, will have a chance, but not the certainty, of obtaining a work contract. Those who registered after 1st December will almost certainly not be given the contract, without which it is illegal to work, or to employ.

Employers are given heavy fines if they are caught employing illegal workers. The names of help groups are posted at the respective embassies in Lisbon.


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