Source Pravda.Ru

Slovakian National Party leader: Slovakia's introducing visa regime with Russia is political mistake

Slovakia's introducing a visa regime in its relations with the Russian Federation was a political mistake which is fraught with negative economic consequences, Slovakian National Party Chairman Anna Malikova believes.

Malikova said as much at a solemn ceremony of consecrating the foundation stone of a new Orthodox church of St. Vladimir in Sobranica on Sunday.

According to Anna Malikova, her party favours an urgent cancellation of the visa regime with Russia and comprehensive intensification of mutually advantageous relations between Slovakia and Russia in all spheres.

Anna Malikova added that her Party was against Slovakia's issuing money for the facilitation of the border between Slovakia and Ukraine after its accession to the European Union. "If Schengen wants to control its borders, let it do that on EU money," she said.

The Slovakian National Party is one of the 26 political parties and movements of Slovakia approved of by the Central Election Commission to run in the universal parliamentary election due on September 20th-21st.