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Teheran will tolerate no outside diktat in regard to its nuclear programme

Iran does not intend to give up mastering nuclear technologies for civil purposes.

The statement by official spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Hamid Reza Asefi, published on Monday, says that Iran does not pursue the aim of producing weapons of mass destruction, but the refusal to perfect nuclear technologies and enrich uranium for civil purposes is not the problem that will force Teheran to make a deal.

Co-operation of the Islamic Republic with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was positive and transparent, pointed out the Iranian diplomat.

He expressed regret that at the last session of the IAEA Board a political resolution against Iran had been adopted instead of an expert conclusion. (This resolution demands that Iran should immediately join the Additional Protocol which provides for an international inspection of any nuclear facility in Iran without preliminarily notifying the Iranian side.

At the same time Asefi underscored that Iran's cooperation with the IAEA must be continued but without politicising the problem of Iranian nuclear technologies.

He also confirmed that IAEA experts would visit Iran on Thursday, this week.

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