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Gazprom to be involved in privatisation deals in Belarus?

Gazprom, Russia's natural gas monopoly, is considering to take part in privatisation tenders in Belarus, Aleksei Ryazanov, a Gazprom board member, said Monday.

"Such dealings could bring more jobs and prove altogether successful. I think any delay in the implementation of such projects delays the emergence of the Russia-Belarus Union," he said.

Mr Ryazanov regretted the fact that Gazprom and Belarus' Beltransgaz had failed to set up a joint venture.

"What a pity that co-operation with Belarus is not very smooth," Mr Ryazanov said, adding that his company was searching for the forms of co-operation with the republic that would be most beneficial in terms of exports. Gas transit routes to Moldova and Ukraine are among the most lucrative projects, according to him.

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