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Two Russian And One Ukrainian Sailors From Tanker In Distress Hospitalised In Calcutta

Two Russian and a Ukrainian sailor from the oil tanker Front Lord which got in distress near the Andamans on the night of November 22 have been sent to a Calcutta hospital, Russian Consular General in Calcutta Alexei Zolotukhin reported on Thursday. The Consular General added that the failure in the engine-room of the tanker which was carrying a cargo to South Korea victimised the Russians, second mechanical engineer Alexander Bodnya and fourth mechanical engineer Andrei Yegorov, and a Ukrainian, Nikolai Rudenko. Bodnya had 50 percent of his body burned, Yegorov - 30 percent and Rudenko had two ribs broken and many injuries. On the next day the victims were sent to a military hospital in the town of Port Blair, Andamans, and then they were taken by plane to Calcutta. On November 28, the two Russians were operated on. The doctors say their health is satisfactory. Rudenko, they say, could be discharged from the hospital in a few days. The insurance company took all expenses of the transportation and treatment of the sailors. An insurance company official and an agent from the Scottish V.Ships company, owner of the tanker, visit the patients in the hospital every day.

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