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Leader Of Parliamentary Communist Faction Gennady Zyuganov Meets Delegation Of Mexican Labour Party

Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Russian Communist Party and the communist faction in the State Duma /the lower parliamentary house/ met a delegation of the Mexican Labour Party headed by Alberto Anaya, the deputy of the Mexican Parliament and the chairman of the Mexican Labour Party, on Tuesday. They discussed inter-parliamentary and inter-party cooperation and the situation in the world in connection with the events in Afghanistan. "The Russian Communists firmly oppose the attempts to involve this country in a large-scale war the USA has unleashed in Afghanistan and in the Middle East," Zyuganov said. According to him, "the source of terrorism is the poverty and misery of 4 of the 6 billion people living on the planet." The complete failure of the pseudo-liberal project imposed by the USA on many countries via the International Monetary Fund and other international organizations has become obvious since the late 1990s, Alberto Anaya said in his turn. The countries that control 65 per cent of world's oil and gas reserves are in zones of conflict and military operations today, he added. And the US military intervention already allows it to control the abundance of world energy resources, the chairman of the Mexican Labour Party said.

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